"They" Say......

Howdy Cubicle Crusaders, et. al. ! I have been swamped with work. So I know I was supposed to have a tepid hot rhyme for y'all today, but no such luck. BUT, Tiha's post yesterday brought a blog to mind that I wrote on my personal blog that was fitting. I actually wrote this back in October when I first cut off my locs, people were so judgmental and lamenting over the fact I no longer had long hair. Yet, if they really knew me, they would know that I could care less about some long hair or what anyone thinks of my hair. I hope you guys enjoy the piece and the song! (I'll have a lukewarm blazing 16 bars for ya tomorrow! (I promise.)

*originally posted 10/8/08*

*Baldheaded me*

Living my life by other people's rules was like listening to wack ass hip hop (read: radio) when there is so much good music out there that is not neccesarily the most popular, the poem coming up speaks to that, I have had a trying evening dealing with judgmental people telling me what beauty is and what it ain't, what success really means and what it ain't..... le sigh...... but I don't care anymore what "They Say", so I'm good, real good:

You have finally faced the music
Cut through the overproduction,
Pushed through the synthesized keys and unlocked your destiny
Swam against the tide of superflous watered down beats
Escaped the trap of snares...
Came up and breathed in the pure air of lyrics.

Unearthed what lie beneath and between the lines.

Found the treasures of knowledge in each syllable.....

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eysqueen said...

bald heads unite!
we too...ecletic to be confined to just one state of mind always trying to find something to call mine to make my own something homegrown too raw to be cut but they want it to be diluted wtf?! just let it be and do what it do and maybe one day they'll write a poem or create a song for you...

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DanniGyrl said...

I admire u for cutting your hair and letting it grow and vibe in it's natural state.