I was tagged by Miss Jia over at missjia.com to write 6 Fun Facts aboust myself, but I thought it would be more fun to do fun facts about myself and Tiha... here goes, in IM form of course :)

Alise (11:50 AM): Cubicle Crusader fun fact #1: Alise & Tiha have been IM BFF's for over 6 years, and even when we lived in walking distance from each other we still IM'ed more than we saw or called each other.
T 2U (11:50 AM): this is very true
Alise (11:51 AM): worked out nicely bc i am soooooooooooo not a phone person
Alise (11:51 AM): i hate talking on the phone
T 2U (11:52 AM): fun fact #2, we went to school together
Alise (11:52 AM): yup yup, but add that we never talked to each other
Alise (11:52 AM): lol
Alise (11:52 AM): you were scary, lol
T 2U (11:55 AM): ha!
T 2U (11:55 AM): lol
Alise (11:56 AM): #3: Cubicle Crusaders was started by accident bc of the daily work bitch sessions and a collaboration poem about Wolves in business casual attire
T 2U (11:57 AM): yes!
T 2U (11:57 AM): a happy accident
Alise (12:02 PM): yea 3 down
T 2U (12:14 PM): do we have any more fun facts?
T 2U (12:14 PM): lol
T 2U (12:14 PM): i think we've told them everything else
Alise (12:14 PM): ok!
Alise (12:15 PM): Fun Fact #4: Tiha is Alise's biggest fan. We used to go to a poetry open mic every Wednesday and Tiha would always give me a standing ovation and then we would ignore all the other performers the rest of the night.
Alise (12:15 PM): lol
T 2U (12:16 PM): LOL! so true
T 2U (12:16 PM): we sure would
Alise (12:16 PM): except for Marc marcel, lol
T 2U (12:16 PM): of course
Alise (12:16 PM): that day we were mesmerized
Alise (12:17 PM): i may post this up today if we think of 2 more
T 2U (12:17 PM): ok hmmm
T 2U (12:18 PM): #5 we watch cartoons
T 2U (12:18 PM): like religiously
T 2U (12:18 PM): adult swim
Alise (12:19 PM): yes!
Alise (12:19 PM): one more
Alise (12:20 PM): #6 I harrassed you the whole time you were in NC to go natural, and soon as you moved you did it
T 2U (12:20 PM): i had to get away from an ex who had the same do
T 2U (12:20 PM): lol
T 2U (12:20 PM): dang this is hard
T 2U (12:21 PM): fun facts, hmmmm
Alise (12:21 PM): we only needed 6
Alise (12:21 PM): we got em
T 2U (12:21 PM): oh ok

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