Do you know what today is?

anniversary - Tony Toni Tone

Yes, this is our 150th post. We Deed it Mayne! Isn't it exciting! To commemorate this fantabulous, vanglorious day I want to do something a little interactive and fun to get to know you all. Today is the day I want all the lurkers and regular commenters to let me know about yourselves. Tiha is gonna drop a hot 16 bars, and I am going to spit a poem about ourselves. So, in return for these blazing verses I would like you to tell me about yourselves, where you are from and how you found us and anything else you'd like to tell us.

*1,000 bonus cool points if your introduction is in the form of a rap or a poem. (Who doesn't want cool points?)

alise writes:

Seems just like yesterday but all of a sudden it hit me
This blogging adventure done hit one-fifty
Me the Durham, N-C chick with my Yankee partner in crime
A perfect cohort to make this artistic climb
We never had to show any T & A to show we're fly
Only had to be the real Tiha and Alise and knew you 'd comply
So thank you readers for witnessing this journey and please don't stop
We'll never forget y'all when me and the eysqueen make it to the top....

tiha writes (for the lurkers):

peeking through the blinds
what's popping this time?
slinking down the halls
tip toeing trying not to fall
I just wanna see
no need for meet and greet
I just want to hear
just wanna be near
oh no I’ve been spotted
lights shinning bright
oh no there they are
over to my right
“lurkers we see you,
come out and greet
lurkers we see you
here’s the mic
go head and speak…”

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Assertive Wit said...

I believe I found your blog through Suga's blog but I'm Synitta and I was a lurker for a minute but I comment here and there now. I'm from Oakland, CA but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA.

Happy blogaversary ladies!!!!

The Comeback Girl said...

Happy blogaversary
i like your poems Alise
they really bring me peace

that was corny im sorry..i read you ladies all the time..but i can't always launch the comment thing on blogger.

eysqueen said...

@ Assertive Wit

hailing from the west
chilling in the A
many hugs and thanks
for coming to see us everyday!

eysqueen said...

@Comeback Girl

you can call it a comeback
and we glad she's here
eLuv and hugs
we hope to keep you near

NaturallyAlise said...

@Assertive Wit

We were mutual lurkers on this here blogosphere
Glad you joined the fam, I'm so sinsurrrrrr!

@Comeback Girl

Hey CBG, I love ya bc you so Zen and sh*t
From, VSB, to your spot, to CC we are attached at the e-hip

(Ok, that ain't really rhyme, but rappers be making up rhymes these days, lol)

cmw said...
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Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

DJ, spin that sh*t

There once was a chick named Luvvie
Who tripped and discovered this bloggie
She was hooked on first read
Now she waits for the feed
And gained an eSis in Alisie!

hahah I love Limericks

For bonus points, here is my intro

My name is Luvs and I stan for yall
It's ur 150th, you oughta stand tall
I'm proud of my gals Alise and Tiha
And I send you some blessings up to Allah

hhahahahaha ok ok I'm dumb. I quit. For now...

Panama aka VSB P said...

Howdy -

Well its the V-S-B-P, the oh so sexxy/
arsonist, settin' fire to your whole in-dus-try/
chillin' in DC, home of Obama/
ready to slap the dogsh*t out of you and your mama/
on my site I bring drama, also the party starter/
i like to pour out a little liquor for those dearly departed/
I met T in the A, know Alise from the site/
i club in Miami so I can dance all night/
congrats on 150, here's to 150 more/
and to the chicks on that hosh*t, i'm not knockin' at your front door.


eysqueen said...


always a pleasure
from a mutual stan
always a laugh
we luv our efrans
(yes i made that bitch rhyme)


his mic sounds nice 1,2,1,2
had such a blast drinking with u
next time you come thru
you know what to do
404 555 5552

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Cubicle Crusaders going up like elevators
EysQueen and Lisey-Lise hand-in-hand like masturbators
SavvyFatty came through just so she can bless you
150 posts? Look atchu! LOOK ATCHU!
Ok, let me quit bitin’ and get back to O.G. writin'
It’s ya blogiversary and for y’all: I’m excited!
Here’s to wishing you many more of these here blog blessings
Now here’s some spray cheese for your dry azz Triscuit Tresses

Young SAVVAY, baybeh!!!!!

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

ROTFLMAO @ SavvyFatty. I quit ur lifespace

eysqueen said...

I cant even battle you, I'm laughing too much! i think you might get all the bonus points for creativity and debauchery....wooooow

Slim Jackson said...

Congrats on the milestone. Must feel good and ish.

Blog name Slim. Stand 6 feet tall. But face to face I'm not that slim at all. I'm a athletic dude wit a creative mind, that started writin blogs in his spare time. I've been at rap concerts and performed at shows, but you would never know if I didn't say so. But no more rappin, just writin. Keepin it excitin for the fans on my site. Cuz it seems like we pretty much blew up overnight, and now it's a battle to keep our writin tight. Alise commented on Three Ways early in the game, and months later I'm back here doin the same. And I'm gone.

NaturallyAlise said...


Been reading your site from the very start
Lurking yes, but avid reader of all those matters of the heart
Precinate you stopping by to give us a shout
Our readers are the best son! No doubt!

Very Smart said...

congrats and sh*t