Clearance Electronics

A great and wonderous philosophress once said “sometimes you just have to throw your electronics away and buy quality instead of the clearance rack, no more open box purchases for me, I learned that from my laptop.”

This philosophress and superbad spoken word artist was referring to her job situation after reflecting on what kind of day it was going to be at the office. She followed her lament with the following statement: “I am just going to throw this job away and shop around more than I did for this one, instead of what seemed like a “good deal’”.

And I agree and concur. Jobs, like people, are either here for a reason, season, or lifetime. Things go to shit when our needs outgrow our jobs and we try to extend the relationship with the job. A job we kind of fell into may become the “dream job”, it may be the job that opens the door for other opportunities, or it may just be around to pay your bills while you get your shit together. It is up to us, not the job, to decide when its time to move on or to stay. You can’t make a job you copped from the clearance shelf be the super robust career you’ve always dreamed about. Just like that open box computer the philosopher got, I’m pretty sure it met her needs at the time. It was a computer and she HAD to blog, but sista shoulda known, I mean the philosophress soon learned that running Photoshop and Dreamweaver on a Microsoft Word only pc wasn’t going to work for long*. Thus the death of the open box laptop. Thus the death of the one stop shop job, which was never meant to be a career. Thus is born incentive like a mf to make something else, something better work, with a splash of a crappy economy to bring the hustler out in ya.

My philosophress friend and coblogger is on to something with her metaphor. She aint the only one that needs to shop around, I do too. Yes the economy is in the crapper, but truth be told, being in a shady situation isn’t anything new to colored folks. We’ve dealt with worse, and yet still we stand. I’m no longer going to let the fearmongers dictate my every reaction to their propaganda**. I am a survivor, we are survivors, and we will be alright, like we always are.

*clearance rack Macs are still 110% better than a pc on its good day, booyah!
**this statement may seem hella random, but to those code crackers out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about and why I chose to put it in code to begin with.

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Monicarol.Evans said...

I'm a PC.

And my PC will beat up your Apple any day :-P