Freedom Friday

Somewhere in the world, its Freedom Friday. This means what? Well it could mean anything, today it means that my blog partner is so bogged down with her real job that I’m free to talk about whatever the f- I wanna talk about. A Tiha with no restrictions is a Tiha unleashed upon the world (grinning manically). So I’m going to talk about a quote I just heard on the Warren Ballentine Show.

“We gotta stop looking for saviors and start looking in the mirror.”

This was his response to a caller who complained that Warren and Rev Al and them shoulda been in Oakland. Warren explained that he goes when people call him, he doesn’t just show up, and that the people have to want the change, have to make the change for themselves if he and Rev Al are going to be affective with what they do (whatever that is). Now I have an indifference towards Ballentine and Sharpton and Baisden. I don’t hate them, I don’t love them, I just listen to them sometimes, and when something meaningful hits me, I absorb it. These fellas are real good at getting you riled up, I don’t need that here on the plantation. But anyway back to the quote. I love the quote, its so true. I remember when Obama first started running and all the way up to his nomination hearing all of the discouraging words people were saying about it. About how it wouldn’t make a difference. How it’s not a big deal, yada yada yada. And although people were getting shot every time they said something against brother Obama in my presence, I still understood where they were coming from. No Obama cant do it all, he cant fix it all, he is not our savior, but at the same time, shame on them for thinking that he was. He didn’t run for Savior of the United States of America. He ran for president.

I truly think its time for us all to either start to or continue to be the change we want to see.

Have a Happy and Wonderful Freedom Friday!

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NaturallyAlise said...

I do like that quote. I think Americans or maybe people in general have gotten to the point that they expect folks to play Captain-Save-A-Ho, there is no spirit of self reliability or responsibility ... We say "Me, me, me" UNTIL it comes to hardship or accountability. Leaders can only be effective if the people are doing their part, it is the only way it can work.