"The Wire" Fridays: The Main Event


In this corner weighing in at an undisclosed weight is the Side Eye of Death & Cubicle Heavyweight Champion of the World: Naturalllllllllllllllllllly Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise....

In the other corner weighing in at a buck 0-5 wet is the Mr. Burns Lookalike Operations Manageerrrrrrrrrrr....

Let's get ready to rumbbbbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllllle.....

Alise : Morning
Alise : Girl, I wrote a bog last night, and my laptop ran out of power and i lost it
Alise :
Alise : it was good too
Alise : oh well back to the drawing board
T 2U :awwwww
T 2U :just got out of a waste of my time meeting
Alise : booooooooo
T 2U: par for the course
Alise : yup
T 2U : i just realized something
T 2U : my boss is sexist
T 2U : when my male coworker gets to venting he just listens and is calm
T 2U : when my boss pisses me off and asks how i really feel, he gets indignant and jumps down my throat
T 2U : like an intimidation thing, but i'm not intimidated by him, just disgusted
T 2U : hmmm
T 2U : not gonna let it boggle my mind
Alise : girl my blog was about an incident yesterday
Alise : I go to the production manager for a request of vital information that i need for my account
Alise : been hounding him about it for 2 weeks now
Alise : he pushes back, over something so dumb
Alise : and easy
Alise : so i have to pull my manager into it
Alise : she asks him the same exact question verbatim
Alise : and he might as well have shucked and jived to get her the answer
Alise : I'm like why make it get to that point
Alise : he could have deaded this situation 2 weeks ago
Alise : but now i gotta be a snitch bc you are a dumb ass
Alise : and i made sure he saw the contempt and hatred in my eyes
Alise : i did like Top Model in reverse: I frowned with my eyes
T 2U : lol!
T 2U : i so hate stupid high school personal sh*t like that
T 2U : and he was being an ass because it was you
T 2U : is he a white guy?
Alise : yup
Alise : we go thru this with every little thing
Alise : but yet if he wants something from me he has a fit if i dont jump up right at that second and drop what i'm doing
Alise : f*ck him
Alise : cracka ass cracka
T 2U : do something unexpected him and buy him some donuts
Alise : no, i will not buy young Mr Burns shit
Alise : wit his frail ass
Alise : i'll snap him in two
Alise : snap
Alise : he do need a donut though, and a biscuit
Alise : with extra jelly
T 2U : i mean, can you really continue to be shitty to someone who gives you donuts?
T 2U : or you could snap him in 2
Alise : lol
Alise : he has the worst disposition of any man i have ever met
Alise : he acts like a whiny bitch
Alise : i think he would somehow find fault with the donuts
Alise : and create a lie world around the motives of said dounuts
Alise : he grinds my gears
Alise : oh my bad, he is the Operations Manager, so he's a kinda big shot... i guess
Alise : but he got the same boss as me
T 2U : HA!!!!!
T 2U : so what is his problem with you?
T 2U : he's not your subordinate?
Alise : so when i go get a manager: it is the VP
Alise : we are equals
Alise : we are not in the same dept if that makes sense
Alise : he is over operations, i am over this particular account
Alise : so we are supposed to work hand in hand
Alise : support each other
Alise : [insert side-eye of death]
T 2U : so i dont understand what his problem is
Alise : this convo may be my blog
Alise : minus the cracka ass cracka
T 2U: lol, hehehe leave it in
Alise: ok, lol

Check out the clip following this last IM exchange:

Alise : i am going to put in a The Wire video that has nothing to do with the blog, just bc it has a boxing scene in it
Alise: well i guess that would make it relevant though, duh...
T 2U: yes it would
T 2U: lol

5 comment(s) thus far...:

Monicarol.Evans said...

I'm so going to start frowning with my eyes.

That may be my new signature look.

***Going to practice in the mirror now :-)

ODARA said...

bwahahaah!!! okay the "cracka ass cracka" part KILT & buried me alive....oooooh I HATE when ppl act like they are so intimidated or threatened by someone who may have WAY more sense than them...ugh! LOL I agree he probably would find fault with the damn doughnuts...LOL

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

Havent had the time to read this thru but I'm slightly perturbed by the fact that you and Mr. Burns got the SAME mischievous smile on ur faces at the SAME angle. Hmm... *rubs chin* *looks to the sky*

Def something to ponder

eysqueen said...


you right, they do have that same thing going on...hmmmmmm

NaturallyAlise said...

@Monica, yes frowning with your eyes is hot for 2009, get like me! lol

@Odara, cracka ass crack never gets old, I feel for the underpaid mistreatment and oppression I get that I at least can say that to feel better, ;-)

@Luvvie, Girl I didn't even realize that me and ol' Monty Burns had the same pose until you pointed it out, how perfect!!!!

@eysqueen, Don't agree with that heathen Luvvie, you traitor, lol