When reality calls

Here is an IM convo between me and Alise about what happened when reality checked my a--, enjoy!

alisenikkole: oh how did u hurt your ankle?
eysqueen: running an errand for work. walking across a courtyard and there was a step down i didn't see
eysqueen: i landed on my ankle
alisenikkole: damn son
eysqueen: not as spry as i used to be
alisenikkole: apparently
eysqueen: lol BUT this is super incentive to lose this extra weight I've been lugging and get to exercising eysqueen: having to lug myself around by upper body strength alone has been a wake up call
eysqueen: ring ring "bitch you big"
eysqueen: is what it said
alisenikkole: LMAO!

Has there been a time when reality called you early in the morning?

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Chanel said...

Not Bitch You Big. lolll! Yeah i've had a reality call myself. It was a real call though. After I got a little too comfortable coming in late to work cuz i was going on my 6th year working there and was feelin myself so I decided to sleep in again for the 47th day in a row and my phone rang and not to semi-quote you or anything but that little voice on the other end politely said Bitch you FIRED!

Now that's a wake up call fo yo ass.