Movies that make you go "oh yeah": 9

I saw the movie 9 when it came out. The animated film about how machines wiped out humanity because humanity thought it was a good idea to create super intelligent machines to be their servants. When in human history has anything we’ve tried to enslave ever NOT bitten us back? Will we learn? Well there is a slew of sci-fi movies predicting what would happen should such and such take place. And I must say, sci-fi is dang near never wrong.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen this movie, and want to, don’t read this…

This movie has significance for me because it was a study on character. The movie had 9 basic characters that moved the plot along. They were brought together to try to save themselves and eventually what was left of humanity. They were of varying character types, and as a movie fan, I rooted for the hero, I booed the antagonist of the group, and I was awed at the perseverance of all the little rag dolls. One of the morals of the story was that all 9 of the rag doll characters were a part of a whole. They made up the soul of their creator. Ah ha moment! There were some of them I liked, some I didn’t, and some I thought were useless. However they all were needed to get the job done. Just like in me…there are parts of me I would marry, parts I want to punch in the mouth, and parts I want to go on a diet and stop being such a dead weight. But I need all those parts if I’m going to make it through this crazy world. I may not be saving humanity, but I have to live and work with humanity, and that’s a battle all unto itself.

There were also some religious undertones as well, but I’m not talking about that. You’ll have to see the movie to capture all of the morals. I’ve already said too much. This movie was awesome. It was well written, well animated and was just awesome! Go see it! Believe it! Live it! We all have to get along, we may not have to agree with one another, but we all are here together. We may as well be useful to one another, help fulfill our purpose (here goes the religious undertones) be good to our fellow man (free healthcare!).

Be blessed people!

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