Tiha’s Conspiracy: Education is a craps game.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am a huge supporter of education, I am one of those multi-M.A. having mofos and one of em is in education.

But I also know that there is more than one way to be educated and “book learning” isn’t the only kind of learning out there.

Which brings me to my conspiracy theory: “They” use education as another means to separate the haves and have nots. The ultimate plan is to have some with the power and wealth, and many many many constantly dependent on those few. Why do you think small business owners always get the short end of the stick? Why do you think they make it so hard for independent thinkers to achieve IF the independent thought goes against the majority’s consensus of what is right in the world?

Ok back to the point. They say get your education, get a college degree, you’ll make more money faster when you get out. But guess what knuckleheads? All that education costs MONEY. and if you come from no money and are still able to get the education, guess what you’ll have once you receive that degree? Still NO money, and a whole lotta debt, which will keep you tied to the man for the next 30 yrs of your highly educated life. Yes, it may be true that you’ll make more money than your degree less counterpart, but you’ll also have direct loan on your payroll, which cuts a sweet amount of the percentage that you take home, which means you and degreeless counterpart are bringing home basically the same amount of cheddar. Now this doesn’t apply to doctors and lawyers, because who really wants to be either of those things? If you don’t find this funny, you must be either a lawyer (or bout to take the bar, I’m sorry you had to sacrifice your social life for a career that allows you no social graces and people will still not like you) or a doctor (I really have nothing negative to say about doctors because they have their own share of crap to deal with, money doesn’t make everything alright).

Another point is that just because you have a degree, and are highly educated, don’t mean you are cut out to run a business or be in charge of people. Everyone raise your hands if you’ve ever had to work for an idiot…an educated idiot…I have a lot of respect for people who worked their way up through a company, that’s the kind of person who could run a business. That is being educated by life experience.

LIFE EXPERIENCE: you can’t take a class on that. COMMON SENSE: that’s not a cfas(go Eagles!) class either.

So just because you get a degree, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be better off. If you are poor, come from no money, a degree may not change that. Don’t let them fool you. I say do what you love! Do what you have a passion for. You’re still going to be poor in the end, you may as well be happy. If you go to school, go for something you like, this is coming from the girl with a BA in Art. Word life. When you go to school, be smart about it, get people to pay YOU to go to school. Work the system. That all!

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amymay said...

Yes, Ma'am...

Every chance I get, I take a class or attend a professional conference or seminar that my job pays for. I'm about to hit them up again for more money... gotta get that MSN to teach or transition into nurse practitioner when my feet get tired of runnin' that floor! If I don't work that system, I'll never be able to afford that degree.

Peyso said...

I disagreed with you until the last line of the post "When you go to school, be smart about it, get people to pay YOU to go to school. Work the system. That all!" I milked the hell out of the system. Because I played football I have an Ivy League degree with less than 10K in debt.

eysqueen said...

@ Peyso, and thats working the system!

and1grad said...

I agree to an extent. I dont believe there's anything more important than life experience, including those life experiences gained in a collegiate atmosphere. Not to sound like an econ nerd, but I think the opportunity cost of going to college, versus not going, is substantial especially for that 1st degree. So I guess I'd say that I dont believe education itself to be a craps game but your ability to do something with it might be.

suga said...

Good blog.

I gotta agree with and1grad tho:

"I guess I'd say that I dont believe education itself to be a craps game but your ability to do something with it might be."