Snark Week: Recycling is akin to insanity

Recycling-stingy aunt rita’s way of not buying new stuff. Can’t stand her a**. Recycling is the devil. Recycling the same shit and trying to get something new out of it(I totally stole this line from the SO). Like that tired ass weave, that tired ass attitude, that tired ass boyfriend, good grief just throw it away already.

Land fills are ok, they hold what we cant recycle. They keep the shit we need to throw out safe. Landfills help us to designate where to build the next projects (housing developments). Like a big ole stinky arrow, put poor folks here! Landfills give water filtration system employees fat bonuses. It all goes hand in hand.

[I must admit, thinking this demented for the past week is starting to tweek me out a little bit. I hope I can come back to the sane side once this is all done. I’ve been contemplating the perfect death for puppies and panda bears…this is bad]

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amymay said...

the sane side is over rated... just sayin'...