Snark Week: Kind People will Kill You

This week , we will be writing negatively about inherently good things (i.e. puppies, love, forgiveness, peace, wine) and positively about inherently bad things (racism, hate, murder, mayonnaise)... I know it is weird, but my blog partner is insane so let's just humor her...

Kindness- a submissive, passive aggressive way to get close and eventually stab you in the back or eye. Be ware of those with a smile, they will kill you.

Where do you think the saying “kill them with kindness” comes from?

That is not a coincidence, it is not wit, it is TRUTH! Kind people will kill you in your sleep because that is the kind way to kill someone. The next time someone is kind to you, grab your purse, put your chain under your shirt, grip your handle, and back away from them…

Which brings me to my friend Judgment.

Judgment is a good thing! It helps me to separate them from Me. When I’m being judgmental, I no longer have to explain myself, I don’t have to accept or tolerate someone else’s opinion. You no longer matter because I have judged you to be beneath me. In fact I cant even hear you "la la la". I have taken my scepter and knocked you upside the head with it. I have marked you as judged! You will spend eternity being beneath me. I also don’t have to be accountable for how I treat you once I’ve passed judgment on you. I don’t have to take the time to get to know you, to hear you or even consider your feelings. Judgment makes socializing with people a little more simple. I can cancel out entire populations if I wanted to. Ahh yes judgment, the social filter.

*This is all in jest... well mostly*

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NaturallyAlise said...

I myself prefer to maim with kindness, death is a gift, lol *evil laugh*

amymay said...

One of my favorite diagnoses on the job:

Nothin' wrong with him (her) but crazy.

Judgemental enough?