Life Lessons Learned: Mean Older Kids

I know this is about childhood games and how they relate to my adulthood, well this is a little twist because right now I am extremely angsty this week, and hurting. So excuse my bitterness tone. W ell, I remember a cruel "game" that was played with/on me when I was growing up. A little back story: I grew up an only child in a single parent household, but every summer I visited my grandparents in Savannah, GA. All my big cousins lived in Savannah, they were all pretty much the same age, and I was the baby, 5 years younger. It was actually good most of the time, EXCEPT when they would do something that has me kinda f*cked up to this day. When I would excessively get on their nerves they constructed some sort of game together to where they would pretend that they did not see me. They would walk around the house looking under beds and closets calling my name and saying, "Where is Alise?" Me, in sheer terror would yell out, "Look you guys, I'm right here!!!" This would go on for 20-30 minutes until I would be in real full out tears. I think about this often.

The tragedy of this story is now I really can't find her. And who is going to help?

*if my cousins happen to read this, sorry I had to put y'all on blast, some things a child's mind never forgets*

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amymay said...

aww... I see you!! And I love ya! And I know I'm not the only one!