Snark Week: Don't Give Peace a Chance

This week , we will be writing negatively about inherently good things (i.e. puppies, love, forgiveness, peace, wine) and positively about inherently bad things (racism, hate, murder, mayonnaise)... I know it is weird, but my blog partner is insane so let's just humor her...

*I don't wanna*

Life should be filled with lots of drama, it makes things more interesting. How about a world where MOP's "Ante Up" is played on continuous loop on loud speakers everywhere? How about DMX's first album? Metallica?

*Even Bert and Ernie have had enough*

That is my Utopia. I want people fighting in the streets. Pandemonium is all the rage. Your essential Fall wardrobe must consist of one shoulder dresses, leather pants, and pure unadulterated chaos. You want to be hip, right? It's very edgy. I recommend that you react from your gut anytime a stupid person crosses your path. Don't talk it out or turn the other cheek, that's so 2008. Just punch folks in the throat, it's the American way.

*New for Fall '09... cute!*

Take those brass knuckles out of retirement and just misdirect your anger whenever you get a chance. I PROMISE you will feel better, it's all about you anyway. Right? Wrong. It is all about ME, so let's just fight to the death to figure out who's right. I think that will work out well. What say you?

*This is all in jest... well mostly*

4 comment(s) thus far...:

Lite Bread said...

I hate mayonnaise too.

(And Metallica.)

But you gotta sharpen the outer edges of a good pair of bling’ed knuckles like that, lol.

amymay said...

Ernie went IN!

Vizionheiry said...

*Goes back in time to send blinged-out knuckles to Rihanna*

NaturallyAlise said...

@Vizion ... you just killt me dead with that comment!!! LMAO!!!!