Angsty Thursday: Dear Stan,

Today has been proclaimed "Angsty Thursday" by Luvvie so across the blogs of the ePosse and the IGs, people are posting about people or things that piss them off. Also participating in Angsty Thursday is House of IG, Awesomely Luvvie, PBG and KindredSmile.....

I was talking to Luvvie a couple days ago, and it went a little something like this:

me: chile i said something about Ciara a couple days ago about her being uncute and her face being harsh and angular..... chile you'd of thought i punched their mama in the larynx at church during altar call.... fuggouttahere
Luvvie: hahahaha... exactly... mofos don made themselves the patron saints of celebs
Luvvie: go sitch yo repping ass somewhere
me: today on vsb i was talmbout r kelly
me: and folks got to feeling some kinda way about that dirty bastard
Luvvie: lmao
me: fuck him
Luvvie: i loves the r-rah but he is dirty
me: (i said that in the post too)
Luvvie: i cant even defend him
me: i said "Fuck R. Kelly"
Luvvie: lol i c it now
me: and dont lemme even get started n the Yawnce Zombies.... le grrrrr
Luvvie: Yawnce.... hehehehe
me: i told folks how much i hated the Ego video and you'd of thought i kicked Jesus in the nuts
Luvvie: yup!!!

I know many of you hear the word "Stans", it basically describes an obsessive fan, click here for the origin of the word for those who don't know. There are particular Stans that grind my gears... So like my buddy Luvvie, I will write a sternly worded letter to all the Stans.

Dear Stan,

I feel the same way about Stans as I do about Stan from Martin. (Unattractive, non-stylish, and hilarious.) Beyonce don't know you. Ciara is not attracted to you. R. Kelly is nasty and would screw your little girl if given the chance. Oprah is not breaking you off with a check. You pay their salaries, give them buzz, and stroke their egos. They don't care about you. Can you please explain something to me?: Why do you defend and get offended when I clown them. I joke about a chick walking down the street with the blonde eyebrows and Clowntastic Lacefronts (please click this link and watch, it will turn your frown upside down) and am not classified as a hater, just an observer, and you will probably join in. So when I say that about your favorite singer/entertainer I am a hating ass hater, for real son? People treat the stars like some sort of Papparazzi fueled religious cult, I don't get it, go Stan for Jesus or something *shrugs shoulders*... Can someone explain? Please? I'm at a loss just like Luvvie's hairline... le sigh...

Prayerfully Yours,
Naturally Alise

*Observation, in the You might like these stories at the bottom, I wrote a post about me & Tiha being Stans for a Spoken Word artist teeee-heeeeee*

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K to the... said...

LMAO @ "like Luvvie's hairline." All yall are IG-tastic, today, I tell ya!!!

amymay said...

at a loss like Luvvie's hairline.... ya got that one in there didn't ya? *Dead*