Oxy and Morons

I think I have entered another dimension, truly we are in our last days. I keep having experiences that are out of this world, hot oxymoronic otherwordly weirdness (click for example) . Remember yesterday I told you about the thuggery in the LIBRARY... well last night I saw someone studying at the bar. Not a restaurant that happened to have a bar, not an oxygen bar, not a salad bar, not a candy bar.... it was at a sports bar/pool hall. I am chilling at the bar drinking my Heineken (it was the special, yay-ee-yay!) with my homegirl Curly. We are playing the most addictive bar game in history. (see pic at the end) Out of my good ol' peripheral I spy a chick with index cards on the bar. Curly shouts "Oh shit, is that a trivia game??!! Sweet!" the chick responds, "No, these are flash cards, I take the GRE tomorrow. Pray for me y'all!" *awkward pause* I say "Ummmm, uh-ruh-yeah, good luck with that." Who studies at the bar? No really, who does that? I am going to pray for her, but not for the test, I pray for her sobriety and wish real hard that her family does an an Intervention so I can see it on A&E and say, "Ooooooh I know her!" I had to share this with you guys beause it bugged me out... Have a great weekend!
*this game is electric crack*

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Anonymous said...

Oi! You ain't have to make me sound that fuckin' whyte! I said nothing about, "Sweet"! Well . . . not this time anyway, but I digress.

(And yes, bitches I said Oi, "AYE" wasn't in my spirit like it needed to be for this)

amymay said...

During nursing school, I studied in a lot of strange places.... but never a bar.

Let's imagine that decision making process. "I need somewhere with easy access to beverages that will decrease my comprehension and concentration, loud conversation, and plenty of distractions. Oh! And if I could wake up with a hangover before the test, that would be AWESOME!"


suga said...

lmao @ her asking for prayer. Crazy!

Monicarol.Evans said...

uhm. I've been known to study at bars... in strange dorm rooms... in church.... and in half a dozen other places. If I can fit a book or some flash cards in my purse, then I'm likely to whip those biatches out and get some work done.

And now that I have my tiny netbook... I'm unstoppable.