Escape from Zombieland

After spending time waiting for the hero crew to come and save me, I realized that I’m the only one that can save me, truly. They didn’t come, and I spent a lot of time doing nothing. I stopped shucking and jiving and made saving me my priority.

So I popped my ipod earplugs into my domepiece, turned up some J*Davey and plotted my escape. Getting maps of the city and drawing out my escape route including hitting up places for food supplies and some ammo heavy blast em away artillery. It’s my metaphoric escape from an imaginary place, I gotta do it up right. Broke into a Honda dealership and copped one of their baddest motorcycles.

*2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

I also found some like minded beings and pulled together a ragtag group of misfits and zombie social outcasts. We made our way out of zombieland and are off to…who knows where, but away from here!

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amymay said...

I see your light. Illuminate your own path... great escape!