Tainted Fashion

I shut my computer at work down for the day after a long grueling day in the cube. I pop my ipod earplugs into my ignorance sensitive ear holes and make my way down to the train station. As I reflect on the cute outfits I saw online just moments ago, my attention is drawn to the crowd that just came off the train in front of me. They are loud and rambunctious, it is about time for the kids to be getting off of school, but I suspect there are quite a few non-high school folks up in the mix as well, the baby strollers and rag tag bands of kindergarten kids clinging to each other and their leader kind of gives it away. To my shock and horror, I see these high school kids, and others wearing the cute fashions I’d just seen online. The shock comes from the horrible way the once cute fashions look on these fashion misfits. SECURITY! SECURITY! Please come get these folks and lock them up, this is truly indecent exposure. The poor clothes, clinking to the too big bodies of the youth…. Two sizes too small on the women, 5 sizes too big on the men, misguided souls trying to resemble someone…lord knows who, and getting it WRONG WRONG WRONG. They have truly tainted my view of clothes. Most folks see fashion on the runway or in a fashion magazine, the way its supposed to look, I see fashion on the minions, the way it should never look, and it makes me want to take up sewing, just so I would never be caught wearing the same thing these poor souls have thrown on.

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