Compete Deez...

*and the winner issssss.... Alise of course, what were you thinking???*

So what's up party people? Life trating you alright? Glad to hear it! I want to share a little bit about myself with all 3 of my readers, to let you get to know me and shit: I am super competitive. This past weekend I paticpated in a slew of competitive activities and it was really sad and pathetic interesting.:
  • Game of pickup football with a bunch of little boys under the age of 13. Do you know these little boys tried to clown me. When I would have the ball to throw they would move up as if I couldn't throw a football (I mean, I guess if I was a teeenage boy and this big rusty 30 year old woman came up, then I'd of reacted the same) Guess what? The joke was on them, I was a BEAST! I was throwing the ball around and running like the wind. True, I felt the pain later, but I had to prove a point. Anything to get that Heisman self satisfaction of winning.
  • Spades... no explanation for that one, just know that Spades brings out a side of me that is lethal, I dare you to say something negative or salty regarding my Spades game, or I'll be forced to thrash you because I gets busy!
  • Pool... I think I caused a grown man to almost cry. (Like for real) When I play pool I am a terrible sport (not a sore loser though, because in the words of the poet laureate of my inner thug (Jay-Z): "I WILL NOT LOSE." I taunt, tease, trash talk, and alliterate. Something comes out of me and I turn into a asshole complete cocky crazed alliterating person.
  • Scrabble. Le sigh. First let's talk about my love for the most fabulous board game in creation. I have been playing scrabble since the tender age of 8 (so like for 10 years, lol), and endured years of utter destruction, demoralizing ,domination, and alliterating by my mother. This ego bruising over the years made me strive to be all I could be in the Army. So now I play Scrabble like it is a contact sport.

The moral of this pitiful story is I am a tenacious opponent. Take for instance, I am fighting some adversity now, but I know I will be alright, because I refuse to lose. In life I am just as competitive, I should be, I've had lots of practice whooping up on fools all my life!

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eysqueen said...

see u on the bejeweled board!

amymay said...

Girl, I love nothin' better than to destroy someone's hopes, dreams and life ambitions with a merciless thrashing at the game of Spades! It breathes life into me! Hear me?? LIFE!

DanniGyrl said...

Do NOT play with me when it comes to Spades. I am a beast and take that ish VERY seriously. LOL. I am competitive as all get out when it comes to that game.

Wait, competitive doesn't even begin to describe my psyche when playing Spades. LOL.

suga said...

Competition brings out the best and worst of me. The word "lose" is not even in my vocabulary when it comes to sports. And there is no way that I can play any game without sh*t talkin lol