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So let me tell you about my interesting day at the library of all places. I went to the Durham Public Library yesterday to pick up a few books on my wish list because I can't afford to buy them, which makes me sad because I love to OWN books, I hate library books. Anyway, I am getting off focus already. So I decide to chill at the library for a little while and grabbed a chair and began reading one of my book selections. This seems pretty innocuous, right? Au contraire! I get about 20 pages into my book and and 3 teenagers sit at a table a few tables down from where I was sitting. It was 2 girls and a boy who looked rather rough around the edges, but otherwise harmless. Then they begin to loudly talk about their hood-exploits. The boy starts talking about how his attempted murder charges and robbery charges had got dropped. He then proceeded to talk about all the people he allegedly shot at and fought. The girls began to fawn over him like he was God Almighty. They were acting like the little kids and the preacher were all up on Nino Brown in "New Jack City" and I wanted to go over there like the old man and give him a piece of my mind, but I was scared Nino Brown and Keisha would off me.

*skip to and watch 4:00 - 5:35 for the scene*

It made me so sad that they came up in the library to discuss their thuggery as opposed to say ummmmm, read a damn book or in the very least get on one of the many computers. I would have even been happy had they not decided to sit near me with their shenanigans since I was already upset to have to read library books. On the good side the borrowing library books will be coming to an end soon because guess who got a job offer? Here's a hint: she is fly, fresh, flavorful, fabulous, and fun... no not Tiha, ME!

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You better than me.

I have NO problem with injecting myself into pubescent punkshit. For a couple years I specialized in breaking up fights at the underage club. I'd just jump in the middle of the fisticuffs like, "Ladies. LADIES! You're much too beautiful to be acting so ugly!"
The word "beautiful" seemed to ALWAYS stop a fight. I can't tell you how many "Girl, I know's" I got during that time. They'd immediately stop and start acting cute. 'Twas like MAGIC.

I probably would have employed the same tactic here. I would have went over like, "Please tell me you're talking about a movie! You all are FAARRR too handsome of a group to be engaging in such ugly activities. And I'm sure you're intelligent to boot or else I wouldn't find you here in the library trying to edify your minds."
It's called GAME, man. ;^p
Yeah, my literate, yet lifeless body may have been found somewhere between Children's Fiction and African Diaspora, hoewever, it never hurts to try!

And...LMMFBAO at "New Jack Library."Bury me a G.

ZDubb said...

I was just asking someone the other day where the Durham Public Library was... Now that I know it's like this, I'll guess I'll stick to the one on my campus!

I'm still dead @ New Jack Library... loves it.

NaturallyAlise said...

@Savvy, I don't fool with these little heathen thugged out chilluns in the Bull City, i aint crazy, lol

@ZDubb Welcome! So you are in school in the area? when I was in high school and college we would go to Duke or Carolina Library if we needed anything beyond what our library had to offer. We did not fool with the Durham Library....

suga said...

lmao @ SAV

Congrats on the job offer, Alise!!!