Open Anonymous Letters: Family

Its that time of the year people, when we get to gather close to our families and bask in the uniqueness that is them. I'm going to get right to it, I hate this time of year. Give me the Turkey and stuffing, you can keep the familiar social crap. I moved many many miles away from them for a reason. I'm conjuring up all of this vile because of a vile thing that has been happening to me over the past month or so. Here is my letter to the family.

Dear sucka family members, you know who you are, I no longer return your calls or messages on fb or my phone,

You suck. For some reason, my happy little existence has bleeped across your radar and you have decided to direct all of your anger and frustration over your self made pitiful existence onto me. I don't like it. I've spent the last 30 plus years avoiding you and your momma and your father and yo sister. I just so happen to be best friends with your brother and I'd like to keep it that way. But was I surprised when he jumped in his car and drove across 2 states to get away from ya'll when ya'll moved into the same state he lived? No I was not surprised. I offered to let him stay with me.

Now for some reason you feel like you can just harass me, my brother, and my momma. Negative. I may not be close to them folks, but they are still mine and I refuse to allow you to dog them out as you try to dog me out. Not happening. I realize that all of the fire and brimstone I am capable of dishing out is about 50 times stronger in you. I know you can cuss me out good and proper. You've done it already. I clearly cannot compete on your level because I'm just not that miserable.
You asked me once if my friends were more important to me than my family. I didn't respond, I didn't think I needed to. My friends are my family. And they are the ones I choose to spend the holidays with year after year, no matter the distance. So lets just say, there are certain family members I prefer to spend special occasions with, blood related and non blood related. And as you continue to be hateful towards me, on public forums and such, you are insuring to get deleted, blocked, erased, and completely fazed out of my life. Just like the rest of the family has done you. Perhaps I'm the only one left who you haven't burned. I shrug, I don't care, this quasi relationship is over.
signing off
your neighborhood grinchmeister....

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amymay said...

Umm... can I borrow and paraphrase where appropriate? I got a few in mind that... well, yeah. So, can I?

ODARA said...

Perfectly written! Sad, but family is usually the first to disappoint or burn you.

just to reiterate a quote that's been floating around lately...

"hurt people, hurt people"

oh so true, you can always tell when a persons miserable...because there sole intent is to get you to join them in that misery. -HAH not a chance!