We Read and Sh*t: We write too

To wrap this puppy up I want to stick my head in and interject. November has been National Novel Writing Month, and I have been participating in writing a novel for the month of November. Yes people I'm writing a novel in one month. 50,000 words in 31 days. My fingers are cramped and tired. But playing off of Toni Morrison's quote, and a quote Lorraine Hansberry made that is similar, I'm writing my own story to be read by millions! Or at least by my s.o. and a few friends. The first week was great, the second week I totally slipped up, so this is the third week and I'm playing catch up, but I'm determined. I like my story and I like how I feel when I'm writing the story. So I'm going to finish this novel, danngit. I encourage you all to write, it doesn't matter if you think it has all been written before, we haven't heard your story and your story needs to be told.

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amymay said...

I can't manage to commit to a blog post a week (ol' pitiful ass)... I hope you succeed in writing your novel, and I would love to read your story!