Open Anonymous Letters: Effing Friendships

Me and the Tiha have been mad busy, but I really needed to write some things this week to get some things off my chest.  Like I have said in previous blogs and even poems, I have a hard time expresing my true feelings to people.  This goes for negative things and positive actually.  So this week I am writing letters to folks, I will keep them anonymous on the blog, but I think I will actually send the letters to the people they are intended for.   So here goes nothing:

Dear You,

I find you to be as horrible a friend to me as I am to you.  We have got to do better.  I am not content with a friendship that has been around for so long that has dwindled down to mere  drinking buddies.  Do you realize that you know and understand more about me than sometimes I am with myself?  (I know that's a bit cliche, but who cares, this is my letter, lol)  You have been there through a number of rough patches (and vice versa), but yet this current superficial "friendship" exists.  I am at a loss.  I miss you.  I hope you feel the same.  People always work so hard on their romantic relationships, but forget that true friendships require the same amount of effort, sometimes more.  I believe friend bonds can sometimes be more binding/lasting than marital ones, so lets work on being real friends again....

Love ya,

Peace y'all.....

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