Open Anonymous Letters: Physics Lesson

Me and the Tiha have been mad busy, but I really needed to write some things this week to get some things off my chest.  Like I have said in previous blogs and even poems, I have a hard time expresing my true feelings to people.  This goes for negative things and positive actually.  So this week I am writing letters to folks, I will keep them anonymous on the blog, but I think I will actually send the letters to the people they are intended for.   So here goes nothing:

Dear Y'all,

Have you ever heard the law in physics that: "Tangible, Material Entities Cannot Occupy the Same Space at the Same Time?"  Well, guess what?  That does not apply to friends/colleagues being able to do positive, innovative things in the same city/area at the same time.  Just because you have an event, company, or project going on does not mean that I can not do the same.  In fact, through my venture I will shout yours out and help out.  Why can't we come together since we have very similar goals?  Ego is a dangerous thing my friends, and people pick up on it and will not want to support you in the future.  Believe me, I have stopped attending events, stopped supporting businesses, and ended longtime friendships with people because of over-inflated egos and unearned pride.  Don't be like those people, you are so much better than that.

Exhaustedly Yours,

Naturally Alise

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