A Step Towards a Dream

This is a new segment we want to start that highlights the things we do, day to day, that draw us closer to our dreams. It is so easy to get discouraged or distracted, especially now when there is so much negativity around us. However, we cubicle crusaders refuse to accept the easy way, the negativity, and want to chronicle how we stay above it all.

A step towards a dream is anything that you do, or happens to you during your day that can be seen as supporting a dream.

I’m going to pop this off with what I did yesterday:

I have a dream or rather goal of writing a book. Many books actually. But life, mental blocks, fear, whatever, keeps holding me back. So my step towards my dream was setting up a standing time to dedicate to writing. Specifically I’m meeting with a friend, who is working on her dissertation, at a coffee shop, and for those 2 hours, she works, and I work. That is the goal of the session, to get something written. A once a week appointment that I have to keep, dedicated to writing. I don’t have to think about anything else but writing while we are at the coffee shop. And I’m feeling good about it.

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abrowngirlgonegay said...

I want to write a book too. It's hard to stay motivated though. And focused.

I get sidetracked.