If I Were the Boss: Hair Salon

Okay, Naturally Alise here, I am still alive... :)

On this edition of "If I were the Boss" I choose a hair salon. First off, I would like to say that I ABHOR hair salons, which is why I want to create on that even I would love. So enjoy, and stop on by, lol....

* My salon would be a natural hair salon, no offense to the relaxer sisters, but I personally can not stand the chemical smell of relaxers in a regular salon, it would drive me batty.

* It would feel like you were at a snazzy jazz lounge, lots of pillows and comfy couches in the waiting area.

* Complimentary tea (the good tea), coffee, & water for patrons.

* Individual rooms instead of "booths". One thing I hate about salons is the lack of privacy, and I am not shy, so imagine how a timid person feels all on display. I also hate the cattiness and gossip that takes place in may salons, so that would cut down on that. Each booth would have music available for the client to choose what they would like to listen to.

* There will be classes available for healthy hair care, nutrition, days for yoga, basically it will be a beauty/health one-stop shop.

* Will offer hair-braiding services on-location if needed. Sometimes if you have to sit for 4 hours you might want to be in the comfort of your own home.

* I would emphasize to my stylists the importancee of timeliness and keeping appointments. My biggest pet peeve is going to a salon and not having my appointment respected and honored.

What would YOU do if you were the boss?

*There is actually a natural salon that I used to frequent in Raleigh, NC that has about 75% of the things I would like in my salon... Here is a link to their site: Shatzi's Day Spa .

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ChiChi10 said...

How about going to a salon for the BC and the stylist not even showing up? Yep...happened on the 2.7.09. I just let this lady down the street cut it all off. How unprofessional and straight rude!

Peyso said...

I usually lurk on this site and I wont act like a expert on salons but I picked up wifey from the salon and its almost the one u describe. One side is a barber shop, the other side is a salon. They do nails upstairs and there is a restaurant downstairs. There are flat screens everywhere and the lounge area is very comfortable and made my hour go by quickly.

Tonda said...

I love your ideas. I went to a salon once in NC that had private rooms, I loved it! No sense in being on display for all to see, I got some secrets that I need to keep.

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Whoo--my ideal hair salon would have stylists who actually know how to style natural hair, and wouldn't be afraid of hair that isn't chemically slicked to my scalp. Just saying. THAT would be Heaven.

KindredSmile said...

If there was a local hair salon that had all of these things, I'd budget to go at least twice a month. At least. And I haven't been to a salon since 2007.