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Today I want to talk about relationships. When you are in a relationship, a long term relationship to be precise, it is understood that at least one person is going to grow. And if the relationship intends to continue, the relationship will have to grow with the people involved. Some grow faster than others, and a long term relationship has to be flexible enough to grow and move as the people move into the next phases of their lives. In an ideal situation, both people are growing around the same time, in the same direction.
With this definition of relationship growth understood, we here at Cubicle Crusaders have an announcement:


We started this blog as a way to vent about our current circumstances. As with life and relationships, our circumstances have changed, which we were hoping for to begin with. We began the practice of speaking what we want into being. The good and the bad. We have been very careful when outlining our dreams and goals for this main reason and we are daily surprised when a wish comes true. So now it is time to unveil the next phase of our journey:

The Latte Mug!

We are shedding the shackles of the cube. We never wanted to be here, and we never intended to stay. Although only one of us has successfully (forcefully) made it out of the cube, both of our minds have virtually left the cube building. And we want you guys to meet us where we are, instead of reflecting on where we were. We are in the latte mug, chilling. We will explain, in detail, what it looks like from where we are, and we are inviting you to join us. So please be patient as we pack our boxes full of insightful experiences to take with us, and pack up some trash bags full of needless crap to leave behind. The Latte Mug only has room for wind to blow us up and closer to our dreams, not cement bricks to weight us down during our journey.

Stay Tuned!!!!

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oNe mAn gAng said...

very inspiring...

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Your blog is FAB!
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amymay said...
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amymay said...

Yep, your blog is FAB!

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