Who Watched the Watchmen?

Time for a cube break injection of movie madness. This week’s movie for thought is The Watchmen.

Anyone who saw this movie probably knows exactly where I’m going with this. This movie traumatized me, plain and simple. I’m an avid fan of sci-fi, horror, and action movies, there isn’t too much I haven’t seen as far as violent and gory. BUT the Watchmen had a little (big) something extra that I haven’t seen in awhile on the big screen, not since seeing Forgetting Sara Marshal and even then that was little. The Watchmen had almost 3 hours worth of peek a boo big blue p*nis. Apparently one of the characters, coincidently the big blue guy, didn’t like pants, boxers or briefs. And apparently the camera liked to pan out and get him below the belt. The combo left me distracted and mesmerized all at the same time. I tried to pay attention to the movie, honestly I did, but come on, after 1 hr + of background and dialogue the movie puts you through, your going to want to see some action. Its not my fault I got my action kicks from seeing how many times I was going to see Dr. Manhattan’s little Hattan per scene.

I’m still trying to process the movie to see if I actually liked it. The full male frontal and back nudity still has me tripping though. I thought I was seeing a pron. Please believe, Dr. Manhattan wasn’t the only one streaking across the screen in slow motion.

From all the people I know who have seen the movie, they all brought up little Hattan’s appearance as a distraction. Did anyone else experience this trauma while watching the Watchmen?

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ChiChi10 said...

Yeah..that was kind of a distraction. LOL I'm still not sure if Iliked it or not, either...

It was definitely not what I was expecting. It was "deep".

Assertive Wit said...

I'm an avid graphic novel fan so I will say there is a GREAT difference in what you see in the "comic" hahahhaha I was kinda shocked like is that semi-hard...what tha? LOL

It distracted me for a second but I was too busy trying to make sure it stayed true to the book...and it did except for a few minor changes so I was happy.

Happyrunningbunny said...

HAHA! I found his little blue man to be extremely distracting. I was mesmerized by how detailed it was. I really didn't see the purpose. I kept thinking about how if I was in the room with him I'd be like "Dude! Put some pants on!".

Other than that, I really enjoyed the movie even though it wasn't what I expected based on the trailer.