The many hats we wear at work.

There are times when we’re at work when we have to take on the job duties of others. This is especially true with the workforce shrinking so rapidly. For those ambitious folks, doing the duties of others and learning new skills is a good way to pad our resume and get a bunch of “free” experience. I call it free because we are often not paid extra to pick up someone else’s slack. It is still a learning experience, and I am an ambitious girl, so yes I do get geeked whenever one of these tight wads lets me do something outside of my immediate duties. And I’m going to toot my own horn for a minute as well; I can indeed do many things quite well, without reading a manual. So anyway for the past week or so I’ve had to put on my videographer hat.

Videography is something I learned how to do in undergrad, along with a number of other handy things that can’t be disclosed online. So anyway, I haven’t done it in several years, so when I inherited this project, I almost did back flips. I got to run around the office with camera, mic, and light kit in hand working with talent less people who can’t speak or read or take direction.

I was feeling like Tyler Perry up in this piece and was loving it! This free experience was definitely priceless for me. I got to beef up my resume AND portfolio as a designer.

I just wanted to take the time to reflect on a positive experience I’ve been having. It is true that I am dead tired, a little cranky, and frustrated with my coworkers and management. This is very very true, but in the end, it was worth it. You can’t put a dollar amount on experience, not as an amatuer anyway.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

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