As you may have figured out by now, my blog partner Tiha is usually the cranky, cantankerous, crabby one (I love alliteration :) ), but today I am going to borrow her e-soapbox and shoulder chip for a moment. (Hope you don't mind). I wrote a post a while back about Sensitive Thugs in the workplace.

I used the following quote form the poet Jay-Z:
Look, I'm on my grind cousin, ain't got time for frontin'
Sensitive thugs, y'all all need hugs

Now I must expose another pseudo-thug lurking out there (no, not Luvvie). It is the ubiquitous e-thug. What is an e-thug? So glad you asked! An e-thug is a vile venomous Vaudevillian villainous vexing (i like alliteration, sorry again) self important clown that sashays all over the internet. This character is one of the following:

  • A spineless creature that goes and posts angry comments on blogs anonymously. Mostly these are people that don't feel good about themselves or missed a couple-few hugs over their lifetime, so they must make personal attacks against folks they don't even know. If you ever want to chat me up about something you don't like in my blog, hit me up with an email, Twitter direct message, or even a message in a bottle. I am a big girl, I can take it.

  • A self proclaimed tough as nails person that cries like a little girl anytime someone says ANYTHING that is contrary to their opinion, even if not directed towards them. Grow a set, Ok.Thanks.Bye.

  • The worst offender of them all is the super snarky individual who jokes on EVERYONE, like personal jabs, but gets all self righteous if you say something in jest to them. You can find these folks mainly on Twitter, I make it a point to unfollow these folks. I want to put my e-foot up their @sses, because I'm a real thug (in my mind anyway.)
So beware of these sneaky folks with murky auras making the internet a not-so-nice place to be sometimes. What types of folks on the internet irk you?

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Assertive Wit said...

Personally, I dislike people who act like they have king kong balls but when confronted, the best they can do is try to lie their way out of a situation they in fact caused themselves. Witnessing this happen, I am now convinced there are far more fake people online than "real".