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As I was scrolling through yahoo’s stories of interest (we have nothing better to talk about), I found an article about 8 tips for liking someone better. hmmm. This article peaked my interest because it challenged everything I was raised to believe in dealing with annoying people.

Recently on a trip home to Boston, I had a conversation with my father about how we deal with people. He said that folks like us (dang Yankees) have no problem with not speaking to people we know. For example, let’s say you’re walking down the street, you see someone you know, but if you have nothing to say to that person, you just keep on walking. No harm no foul and no one expects anything different. Now when it comes to someone with whom we cant stand, there is definitely nothing wrong with walking by and not speaking, why waste your breath and time on someone you don’t care for? Well I’ve found that in the south, that mentality boggles the southern populous, and causes uproars, bonfires, and smear campaigns. My silence has caused turmoil…hmmm...I always thought silence was golden…

Soanywho, here are the tips from Yahoo:

1. Seek contact. –where I’m from, this means you are instigating a fight, you looking for trouble.
2. Do nice things for that person. –where I’m from, this could be seen as manipulation, a subtle act of hostility or a setup.
3. Give that person a brief touch. – where I’m from, this means you are ready to brawl.
4. Lighten up. – this means fahgettaboutit, its squashed
5. Act friendly. – where I’m from, this could be seen as being fake, you and I both know we don’t like each other, why front?
6. Resist criticizing that person. – where I’m from, this could make you the better person.
7. Remember happy shared experiences. –where I’m from, this may just make you even more mad at the person for messing up a good thing.
8. Be grateful. –where I’m from…I don’t even know what this means. Be grateful that the situation didn’t come to blows?

So you see ladies and gents, this list could cause more harm than good. And when you get your butt whooped or end up in jail, you can blame yahoo. Watch the clip below to get a better idea of where I'm from...

*the view and comments on this video ar not necessarily shared by the writers of this blog. its just entertainment people.

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Assertive Wit said...

Where I'm from, IF I was doing ALL of that, it means we are friends or at the very least associates. I am not unnecessarily cordial with people I do not like. I don't want to give them the impression that I actually like them LOL

Cecelia said...

yahoo gives THE WORST ADVICE EVER. especially when it comes to relations w/ other people. i remember reading an article about how to "tell if your man is cheating" and thinking.. they should rename this article "how to ensure your man will cheat"

NaturallyAlise said...

Ms Eysqueen, you are big meanie anyway... but then again I am a good ol' North Carolinian, born and raised... the whole speaking thing is acknowledging a human's presence, so it blew my mind that in DC and NYC that folks didn't speak, it weirded me out to no end, but my point is... ummmm, I have no point except that even though i have my good ol' southern hospitality that list is bullshit, lol....