Feeling Some Kinda Way

A while ago my blog partner wrote about how sometimes she feels some kinda way. She couldn’t put her finger on what the exact feeling was, or what caused it, all she knew was that she was feeing it and it left her a bit…unsettled. Well I’m here today to extend that feeling, that definition for my circumstances, and maybe shed some light on feeling some kinda way.

I’ve been feeing some kinda way lately…its like someone either threw me up in the air or snatched the floor from under me, and I’m caught in the space of time between one action and the next. I’ve lost my footing, but I have yet to fall. I’m not floating, I don’t think, I’m just caught in some kind of suspended animation. Normally, as the laws of physics dictate, when you are in the air, you will eventually be pulled back down to the next solid surface. This act of pulling, or gravity, usually happens quite fast after factoring momentum and weight and all of that, we’re talking seconds here. However, when I’m feeling some kinda way the laws of physics don’t work quite as fast, and I’ve been in this moment between moments for some days now. Just being…not at ease and feeling some kinda way…

I think back to the last few times I’ve felt some kind of way and I’ve realized that this feeling sometimes happens when I’ve turned a corner on how I perceive the world, and myself. In other words, I’m growing, rather awkwardly, but growing and changing just the same. My hope is that after I pass this-some kinda way- stage I’ll have a new resolve. My thinking will be a bit clearer and I’ll be more focused. Until then, if you see me, hovering in the space above you, please don’t shoot me down, just give me the thumbs up and tell me its going to be ok.

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amymay said...

Yeah.... been there! Thumbs up, it's gonna be ok! For real!

NaturallyAlise said...

*thumbs up and shit* It'll be beyond okay, it'll be stupendous good buddy!