If I Were the Boss: A City

If I could have my very own city, this is how it would go (rubbing hands menacingly). In Shenandoah, there would be no elementary or middle schools. 2 good reasons for small children not to be in my city, unless they’re tourists. I’d have high schools though, even though I don’t care for teenagers too, they are soo annoying, however I believe that they can be productive citizens (aka cheap labor) if guided correctly. There will be plenty jobs for teens and high school students in my city.

Community colleges and trade schools will be free, because I need my blue collar workers certified and feeling good about themselves as they work to beautify and keep Shenandoah running.

Central prison will have hard labor. I have public buildings that will need renovating and upkeep and I know the perfect group of folks to do it. There would have to be extreme security measures with having criminals working on buildings and such, but where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ll figure it out, or pay some one else to figure it out for me.

I’d have commercial free business zones (idea borrowed from the Bay area), where only small business owners would be able to set up shop at affordable mortgages.

I’d have a condo swap program for those who buy condos and then want to upgrade or get something bigger.

Shenandoah would be a walking city, with parks and places designated for walking and bike riding. You could bike to work if you felt that froggy. Eco friendly public transit, gotta keep my city air clean. 24/7 gym facilities for the gym bunnies who just cant get enough.

Teachers, Police, and city workers would b paid what they are worth. They deserve it.

This eerily sounds like an episode of the Simpsons...

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Anonymous said...

the first paragraph had me "lol" !!!! too funny!!.. but i love it... creative!! great blog.

*Teachers, Police, and city workers would b paid what they are worth. They deserve it. (great!!) ..

NaturallyAlise said...

Ahhhh Utopia, I don't even live there in my dreams... I need to get my life together lol.... I love the part about being a walking city... you know for every thing I envision I would like to see the arts featured prominently, give people options... :)

Monicarol.Evans said...

Now I know that I have been a positive influence in your life. (you listen to me after all!!)

This is a city where I would live.

You need some help getting this city started? Let me know.