Projectile Hate

Today, my little test subjects, I would like to talk about projections. Not those things that show movies on the wall, but those thoughts and feelings we put on other people. For example, an artist may look at a blank canvas and project an image from their mind onto it and create something wonderful. Or sometimes we may meet someone that reminds us of someone else and start to treat that person a certain kind of way. I want to put a stop to this crazy behavior, and yes I’m calling it crazy because it is, having been the victim of projection on a regular basis, I’m making a stand.

Any of you who read this blog know that I am a very private person. I reveal myself, in pieces, to those I deem worthy. If you aint worthy, you aint gonna know me, point blank. Its my personality and I can do with it what I want. With that said, sometimes folks take what little info they know about me and spaz and trip on me, because I’m sure I remind them of that other distant, aloof person from their past that they couldn’t reach and felt rejected by. I get spazzed on by people that I really don’t care about. It’s like walking down the street and getting tomatoes thrown at you. Ok, that’s being a bit dramatic, or is it?

All I’m trying to say is that the next time you spaz on someone you don’t really know, think first- is it really this person that did me wrong, or was it ray ray from back in the day that never returned my phone calls? I’ll betcha 9 times outta 10 it was Ray Ray from back in the day.

Stop the projectile hate, please just throw up in your own mouth. Thank you.

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I didn't even have to come to the blog to know that Eysqueen wrote this. I think you are my only true eTwin. ;)

eysqueen said...

great minds share similiar sentiments ;) they just dont get us.