A Brain in Zombieland

Have you ever watched one of those zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later (all movies I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE)? Have you ever wondered, while watching the main character run for their lives, protecting their brains from the zombies, what you would do if that were you? Well I find myself, scarily, in a similar situation. While at work and even in my social life, I find myself surrounded by brainless drones. I try to hide my intellect and wander around aimlessly through my day trying not to gain attention by thinking. But every once in awhile the light bulb goes off before I can stop it, and I have a thought, and the zombies catch wind of my intellect and chase me down. I mean a full on assault! I start running for my life, checking over my shoulder to make sure none of them are closer than I realize. At full speed I jump on the chain link fence and climb over it. whew! With my brain and ideas intact, I try once again to meander about without being noticed in the next city. I’m ultimately looking for other human life, other thinkers on the run. I never thought I’d really be living one of those horror movies…

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I have dreams like this about once a week. Scary stuff!

Not much better in real life either.

amymay said...

Burn them up with the fire of your brilliance! Zombies suk!