Can I Have Your Attention? (please.......)

internet robbed me
attention span larceny
what was i writing?

That was my attention span haiku. Lovely isn't it? I wrote it in response to this conversation:

Alise: oh, i just realized something.... people love writing haiku
Alise: who knew?
T 2U: long enough for their attention span
Alise: u got a point there
T 2U: you can talk about people loving the haiku, who knew?
Alise: that would be an interesting delve into the psyche of the short attention spanned internet culture
T 2U: it wont be a deep dive
T 2U: haha
Alise: hush it
Alise: you can dive into puddles
T 2U: i'd like to see you try

So, those who know me in real life and virtually know that I am a bit of an internet fiend. Okay, scratch that I am a full blown junkie. Case and point: I have 2 blogs, I actually have an e-clique (me, Luvvie, and PBG), I only talk to my blog partner via IM's and text messages, I do the facebook thing, read a plethora of blogs, and my favorite poison of the moment is Twitter. ( What do all these things have in common? They only require the attention span of a flea to do. Yesterday on my other blog I opened up a group haiku writing session, it was the largest traffic day and comments ever for my blog. Every week I open up the floor for people to write poems based on a theme and maybe 6-8 folks come through. I also write poems quite often as well, and guess what? I get the most response for my shortest poems. That may be a coincidence, but I don't believe in them (you know Tiha and I are conspiracy theorists). I think everyone is suffering from a severe case of Internet induced ADD. So what do you think? Do you think the internet has irreparably destroyed our attention spans? How has that affected you in your everyday life on the web and in the "real world"?

What was I talking about again?


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amymay said...

I think Bill Gates is behind it. He prolly owns stock in both Ritalin and Adderal...

On the other hand, if you can Twitter, FB, blog, IM and text at the same time, don't you think it enhances your multitasking skills?

Just trynna make the glass half full, I guess...

Anonymous said...

You know what?
I had ADD before the internet, and now that it's been a big part of my life for a good number of years it's gotten worse.
Here's the thing; I believe it's one of them self-perpetuating things where my short attention span feeds my internet browsing habits and vice-versa...
I hate it! When I used to work in the corporate world I kept a figure of Dory the fish on my desk as kind of a reminder...wait, I forgot what I was gonna say.
It's terrible, the way nobody has any patience on the web.
I get so many negative comments on my YouTube videos because they say I talk too much.
I agree with you though, stuff like Twitter (how I found your blog) is great for quick jabs at thought...when I write long emails (or respond to them) it usually takes me all day. I'll start it, then go do something else, then come back and write some more, etc, etc...

My fear is that it's just getting worse!

Luvvie said...


That is all

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

My attention span ain't good for a dayum thing.

Thanks intrawebs!