I want to be a superhero...... *pout*

"womp. womp. womp." says the crowd....

That's part of my cover. I look like a normal gorgeous chick with a lustrous afro, so you'll never see me coming. I'm super. I'm a hero. Call me superhero for short. What's my superpower? Dang y'all are nosy... My superpower is suspending reality. What does that mean? It means I read books and had a real childhood so I have a vivid imagination. I can change your reality and leap over mundane in a single bound. You may know me from the "What's Going Down episode of"That's My Mama" of me by my code name: Artist. I am so powerful that I even swayed my alter ego Alise the Cubicle Crusader to my side of things. I only let you guys in on my secret for one reason.... come close so I can whisper to ya: We have got to save our dear Cubicle Crusader Tiha from the legion of zombies she encounters each day.

Okay, I am done being silly for just a moment... What about you personality/abilities is so awesome that is is a super power? Can it help Tiha from the Zombies?


*most of my friends in NC and my family call me Alice... they're all crackheads

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amymay said...

My super power is being random to the point of distraction... the kind of thing that makes you go "Whasss???" when engaging me in conversation. I have the ability to just flow with the stream of consciousness I'm encountering at the moment.

I think the light of Tiha's intellect will dazzle the zombies into blindness if she just lets that light shine on! Let the heat of your brilliance burn the zombies to embers and ashes, Tiha!

That'll teach 'em!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'm a time-traveler. Yeah, like...DeLorean n' shit.

I don't do anything interesting with it, though. Just vacationing and random research.

Monicarol.Evans said...

Hey Girls! Long time no see!

My superpower(s)? Yeah i got two that I'm sharing today.

The power of Intuition- Being able to read people (I don't know much, but I know people)

The power of connectivity: *whispers* I see patterns and relationships....everywhere.