Tongue Twisted.... the saga continues....

I was sitting thinking how fun it was to write/perform/read a crowd favorite poem I wrote a couple years ago entitled "Tongue Twisted", so I started writing something today that has the same feel of it (alliteration & erotic/sensual subject matter) and I get all giddy with each line I create, in fact I think it reaffirms for me the fact that poetry is my passion..... actually the new poem is inspired by the certain someone who has me smitten (nee Mental Baller).... anyway the new poem is first and then I will also throw "Tongue Twisted" up here, ya know for shits and giggles... Peace!

yet to be titled....
I appoint your hands to be poet laureate of my pleasure
Your palms have a penchant for pretty purring places....
Posessing the precision to palm my posterior perfectly
Without pause pinpointing the position to provide plentiful passion
Pardoning ectasy from prudish prisons
Rewarded with praises of pouring potions

"Tongue Twisted"
Can I show you some sexy, soft, sensual, soul satisfying alliterations
Rolling off my tongue sending sweet salacious sensations,
Steadily stroking, sipping, and sucking,
Slipping slowly across sweaty satin sheets.

Can I delight you with some desirous alliteration
Rolling off my tongue delivering divine dictations..
Dining on your delectable, delicious delicacies,

Can I lead you to some luscious ,lascivious, lustful alliteration
Rolling off my tongue lifting limitations.
Licking lightly, livening libido, letting loose
Longing to live lewd and licentious,

Can I capture you with some charismatic, charming, confident alliteration?
Rolling off my tongue commanding your concentration
Craving to consume your carnal candy.
conspiring to catch, converge , and come......

Can I procure you with some potent, powerful, pleasing alliteration?
Rolling off my tongue pleading for your penetration.
Passionate pulsation producing perspiration,
Plotting to possess your precious prize....

Can I take you with some tantalizing, tempting alliterations,
Rolling off my tongue for your titillation,
Taking time to tease and taste
Treating you with the treasure of a tongue twister ........

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