I have not been able to write a "complete" poem in a hot minute, but I have random lines that I have been collecting, so this blog is just a collection of random stanzas, haikus,couplets, and other disjointed rantings.....

Too good to be true
But since you're an axiom
It doesn't apply

this dance between your lips and mine
a tango of divinity where spirits intertwine.....
so close I feel each breath gently brush against my face....
every touch, every stroke leaving behind a tiny trace
..... of you
so when I lick my lips I can taste your smile...

Stolen kisses require an accomplice...
Can I recruit you to be my partner in crime?

Can I undress your thoughts with my mind?

I was your earth
But you planted seeds of dissent and destruction
Fertilized with distrust
That germinated into bitterness

You are making me all tingly... with your electric self
With just thoughts of me shaking.... with my seismic self
I just can't wait to hold you... with your tangible self
And for you to mold me with my malleable self

My daydreaming is replaying night realities
Our orgasmic episodes in syndication....

Good to know we are on the same page..
isn't that cute, 2 poets on the same page

I my wet dreams you had me screaming nocturnal admissions that you were the best....

Can you slowly thrust your creativity deep inside my imagination until our thoughts explode simultaneously?

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