Music Report

This what I have been bumping as of late in the CD/mp3 player, some old, some new, all of it dope!

This girl is so ridiculously talented....... it is a unique that defintely pleased my ear... please check out her album: "day.break", you will not be disappointed (unless you are just boring.... and boring people suck...)

The "Bitter" album is just a masterpiece...... never gets old.

If you haven't heard the new Nas album I hereby revoke your hip-hop, but seriosuly this album is the bizness, for realz, the Nas I love that I fell in love with on Illmatic but all grown up...

"...I'm leaving my fingerprints...." Dangit, that's right, I intend to leave my fingerprints on this world.... Love this song by Katy Perry who is the singer of the smash hit "I Kissed a Girl", well her whole album is pretty decent... but I really love this particular song.

I heart the Brand New Heavies, one of my all time favorite bands....

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Savv'alier said...

I LOVE the Brand New Heavies!
"Dream On Dreamer" is one of my all-time fave songs!!
Was thinking about doing a Flashback Friday with them on SavvyFatty.
Should have!