Self Pity(full)*

*Gosh I love(d) this song...... and her

Okay, this is just my moment of self pity, I don't want any well wishes, I just want to get it out , that's why I write to begin with.... catharsis, so this REALLY is just a life ranting, not a poem... just bear with me.....

I have days when even Jilly from Philly can't convince me that my life is not gold-plated
Right now I feel like a hot gilded mess
Yeah the exterior looks nice. But one shower and your neck will be green.
I kind of feel like I have more things going on than "A Milli" freestyles
I am tired. But the more I sleep, the more nightmares I have, and the more exhausted I get.
My ribs won't heal and stop hurting because I can't get proper rest/sleep, but I can't sleep/rest because my ribs hurt... and the nightmares...
oh man the nightmares...... but sometimes it is more scary waking up.
Mood swinging like hell, one minute I'm up, the next in the dumps....
And people say it could be worse, but what kind of fucking pick-me-up is that.... how about say it will and can be better.
that's it.

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