This is a piece I am writing using the word of the day from Webster's, a group I am in is using the words of the day to create a poem or short story, so here is my work in progress... I'll list the definitions after the poem. Enjoy!


I wanted to be a wahine on her body's ocean, riding every wave.
I longed to career into every crest and trough....
I am the alembic to the low tide of your dirty mind...
Making high tides of those perceived ignominious thoughts.....
No more superannuated routine found in stagnant swamps
I long to dampen those places indurated by the status quo
And contribute to the lionization of your body of water.

wahine - Slang. a young woman surfer.
career - To move or run at full speed; rush.
alembic - anything that transforms, purifies, or refines.
ignonimous - Marked by shame or disgrace
superannuate - to be or become old, out of date, or retired.
indurated - to make hard; harden, as rock, tissue, etc.
lionization - to treat (a person) as a celebrity

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