Hating on Seth

When they say “your job destiny is in your hands” I say “explicative explicative you!”. Then I calm down, find my words, and expound. That statement, your job destiny is in your hands, is such a polyanna whimsical one that only someone who has had the world handed to them on a gilded platter would think of it and actually say it out loud. Only someone who is part of the majority would think that way. I mean what have you got to lose right? When you fail, fall on your face, what would happen to you? Someone take pity because you’re just a young buck who made some bad decisions, you deserve a second chance? Or would they look at you like some kind of statistic, oh there goes another one of them, unemployed, always looking for that quick money.

I kinda do have a personal beef with Seth Godin. It’s a love hate thing with this little old dude. Maybe because he represents the majority. Maybe because he’s used his talent at first for money for food, then for good, and now for supreme corruption of all things intellectual. Maybe I can just turn this back on capitalism and the media. Maybe I’m just a jealous hater who wished she’d thought of it first. Of course, while he was building his empire I was only in high school crafting my master plan on how to get out. Whatever dude, the hate is there regardless.
So why I can’t stand this old dude? Because yes he’s conceptualized great ideas and dumbed them down to the point of Dr. Suess so the average Joe Slow can catch on and hopefully use. Maybe I’m just an elitist snob who prefers her knowledge wrapped in intellectual integrity. I took a gander at a book a friend was reading a while ago called The 48 Laws of Power (not by Seth, but I’m still blaming him). It was about how to get what you want from people yada yada yada. I can say I was not impressed and hated it. Why? Because it took excerpts from great books, interpreted them in support of their main point, and wrote it on a couple 100 pages and called it useful (sounds familiar…). I am a snob because I’ve already read Art of War and Machiavelli and can pull from them what I need to for total world domination. Didn’t need Robert Greene’s interpretation of Sun Tzu’s process for enemy crushing. And I promise anyone who can manage to do all of what the book told you to do would end up alone and rich or alone and broke and an S ne their forehead for stuuuuupppiiiddd.

My other beef is that yes Seth had to dumb down his ideas for corporate (that’s another blog I can whip up for ya) because those people are slow. But come on, really? His books are at a 5th grade reading level? Seth is the Tyler Perry of how to books. The only difference is that TP is for escapism, SG is supposed to help for real right?

I really don’t hate Seth, I mean I think he’s brilliant and has a lot to share with the world. If he invited me over to his house to have green tea, would I go? Hellz yeah! But I’d request that he’d talk to me like someone with ¾ of a brain. And this concludes my hate session. Yes I do feel better now.

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AssertiveWit said...

I always ask people who've read The 48 Laws of Power what they think about the book; I usually get responses like it's the second coming of Christ wrapped in power. When I tell them that the key to that book is NOT using all 48 Laws at once, I get the deer in headlights look. Anyone who could master using ALL 48 laws at the same time WILL turn into a sociopath. The key is to take what is relevant to your process/progress in life and THEN apply WHEN NECESSARY. That usually will fly over their head so I stop talking about the book altogether.

I get what you're saying though; sucks to be at a disadvantage from the gate. That alone fuels me to keep going...

Redbonegirl97 said...

I needed this one this morning.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Monicarol.Evans said...

You know how much I admire Seth. I mean, I can't even visit his blog more than once or twice a week because I get sucked in, and next thing I know...I've lost a few hours.

But Seth at his best--for me at least-- provides some inspiration. Because he gives small bite sized wisdom I get a boost to help me over my next hump, fear, or insecurity.

But yes, I do agree that it is harder for minorities because we're expected to fail-- so when we do-- we get the evil and and the sorry head shake.


Fail Better :-D

貴寶 said...
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