White is not always right.

I’m talking about tooth fillings.

My dentist decided that my old faithful trusty 1980s filling wasn’t good enough for my molar anymore. She said both in the back needed to go. Since they weren’t hurting me, I told her to go fly a kite. Well, upon my next cleaning, I apparently signed up for the stupid fillings to be replaced (still sketchy about the details, must’ve been euphoric over not having any cavities or having to get any teeth pulled). So when I went in, they asked which one first, I asked which one was the worst. It took her a minute to decide (I should’ve known then). She pointed to one and said half the filling was gone so she recommended starting with that one. I would like to reiterate that there was nothing wrong with my mouth before going in. Thank you. So I let the mad dentist have at it. She drilled out my loyal silver filling, and replaced it with some pasty white one, so now I can’t tell that I’ve had any dental work done. Visually I can’t tell, but physically, my mouth has been going through it. I haven’t felt pain like this since my braces (which I got off in 2006). I haven’t felt pain like this since those teeth got filled waaaayyyy back in the 80s. and you know what? I’m pissed. “If it aint broken…” is what I muttered that morning before I left for the dentist. I should’ve listened to myself. Now I’m in pain. This is great for my diet, since I truly do not feel like eating, but it’s horrible for my attitude, everyone has caught a swear word from me over the past 2 weeks.

When I was a kid, I kinda liked my fillings, it was like a badge of honor, I’d survived community center dentists. I was living proof that free dental care was a good idea. I didn’t even cry. I kinda liked the whole process, the Novocain, the drilling, the inability to talk without biting my tongue. It was like a little adventure. I might have some s&m issues. And you know, I kinda was a little excited this time when she whipped out that big ole needle. I thought about all the things I could do to my lip on the way to work, and how I’d have a reason not to speak to anyone for awhile. Well the white filling killed that dream. The Novocain didn’t work, the numb lip just pissed me off when I tried to drink something, and like I said before I’ve been in pain ever since. Some things don’t need an upgrade.

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amymay said...

Dang... no bueno.

Naturally Alise said...

I'm sorry Gizmo... :(

I thought this post was gonna be about something totally different, lol...