adventures in (f)unemployment, pt. 1

During my adventures in(f)unemployment I have had to become very humble. I have been eating pride like I used to eat sushi pre-broke days. Mmmm sushi, miss that. Now, I never was making 6 figures living like Jorge y Louisa on the Eastside, but life was fairly comfortable. One thing I used to have that I valued was health insurance. Yup, good ol' coverage. Now, I must now go to the community health clinic. Yes, "da clinic". Good times. I even wrote a poem about an extremely frustrating clinic day (patient...) I hate the waiting and sometimes disorganization but there are actually are some great things about "da clinic" I go to.
  • It is free for me. I have no money, so free is a wonderful thing. Free makes me happy. Free is my friend. Me and free go waaaaaaay back.
  • The doctors really care. I actually have gotten better care for a chronic illness that I have than I did going to regular doctors. My current doctor finds creative ways for me to get free or reduced priced medications, hooked me up with specialists that do pro-bono work, and actually calls me periodically to check up on me. Maybe I lucked up on this doctor, but after seeing scores of doctors in the private sector I have never had anything remotely as wonderful.
  • Even for people that have to pay they still will see you whether you have a dime or not, or how much you owe. The same applies to the pharmacy.
In these days of healthcare inadequacy it was nice to see a sparkle of light in "da clinic" experience. These days, I'll take my light how I can get it...

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eysqueen said...

better care from the community clinic...hmmmm doctors who are there because they care and arent in it for the money...hmmm sounds like a snipit of what things should really be like. carefull now, you might be on to something. (free clinic has been my saving grace as well)

Redbonegirl97 said...

Wow, you are lucky if that's the care you get.

Peace, Love and Chocolate