I have a retraction and confession to make. In a previous blog, I commented about The 48 Laws of Power. I said they sucked because I didn’t agree with their interpretation of old works. Well, the book is on my desk as you are reading this blog. Don’t know why its here, but I flipped it open and started reading it again. As I read I started to feel that ball of anger swell up again. I think I’ve discovered why this book totally rubs me the wrong way. I’m pissed because I use these laws and now this snitch is telling everyone about them. I believe he has broken the 1st and only rule of fight club. I think snitches get stitches.

In the game of life, we all play a part, some of us better than others. Some of us move throughout life below the radar, our true motives never really clear. I am one of those people (my pops was in Intelligence, what choice did I have?) I can make a Dunkin Donuts run seem like a covert ops mission to smuggle cocoa plants to Friedrich Ferdinand Runge so that I may enjoy my morning stimulant. Paranoia aside, I do not appreciate the secrets of my success published and sold to millions.

And anyone who busts up the sanctity of secrecy and the code of the streets needs to be dealt with.

Thank you.

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吳婷婷 said...
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amymay said...

...and dealt with decisively, in no uncertain terms.