Quirky Dreams not yet Deferred: Roam Free

This week in the Latte Mug we are going to discuss quirky dreams that many of you may not know we have.

I’m going to start off with a dream or longing that I’ve been having for years now. I want to buy a Jeep Wrangler, cast off most of my worldly possessions, and road trip across the country visiting all of the places I deem cool and artsy.

On this trip I’d take my MacbookPro (an artist never leaves home without it), ipod touch, all of the paintings and drawings I’ve done, including my materials, my comic book collection, and enough clothes to not look like a bum. This urge comes up quite often, I just want to cut ties and be free to roam and go and do whatever I want, whenever, without having to fill out a leave slip, leave a forwarding address or leave an away message, or hope my health insurance covers me in all 50 states...

Screw all that, just me and my jeep, and maybe a German Shepherd or Doberman. I must’ve been something great in a former life.
Every time I see a jeep I give it the evil eye…that could be me….

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amymay said...

Do you ever think about how easy it would be to just drop off the radar? At least until you had to use a credit card or something like that...
nevermind... maybe it's just me.