Didn't See That Coming: HAPPINESS

When we think of things that make us happy, we may think of bunnies frolicking in a field of dandelions, a child’s laugh (if your into children like that), the Krispy Kreme HOT NOW sign lit up, pay day. Well I want to share something I saw that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The other day I took MARTA (public train) to the Maxwell concert. Now anyone who has taken MARTA or any public rail line to and from work, you already know how obnoxious the teenagers can be*. I mean they act like straight up animals, I wish I was lying. If you ride MARTA for a week, you WILL see a fight, plain and simple. I take MARTA everyday, I see a lot. I see many youth just acting a fool, swinging from the bars, using profanity loudly, blasting music, just crying out for attention in the worst way. I feel a soapbox trying to slide up under my feet, so let me get to the point.

When I was on MARTA going to the concert, it had to be around 7pm. I saw about 4 or 5 young black men get on the train. These teenagers were so well behaved, I hate to say it like that, but they were. They were quiet, they sat in their seats like they had some home training, and they were minding their business trying to go home from football practice. Yes I heard one of them mention the practice they just left. One of them kept stuffing handfuls of McDonalds French fries in his mouth like it was some roti and jerk chicken. Seeing those young men behave like that, hearing that they had some after school extra curricular activity that kept them occupied made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Especially in light of what happened to Derrion Albert. I just wanted to whip out some money and give it to them just because they were doing right. I wanted to dap them up, pat them on the back, tell them to hang in there, something, anything to reinforce their behavior. After all of the crap I see on the train on a daily basis, it was so nice, it made me happy to see this.

Another quick story, I saw a young man with the saggy pants, bright colors and baseball cap help an older white woman take her suitcase down a flight of stairs. He just saw her struggling, and asked if he could help. She trued to tell him that she was ok, as she started to tip over. He took the suitcase, which was heavy for him too, and carried it down for her. Another instance of happiness for me. No one ever wants to talk about the good things these kids are doing, so I wanted to take the time to recognize some Atlanta youth being positive. I’m not saying this stuff never happens, I’m just giving some well needed recognition.

Feeling warm and fuzzy yet?
*I just want to note that the young lady in this video is mentally ill, many of the folks that act out arent!

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NaturallyAlise said...

I wish I could say the same for these hellions in this computer lab working my last old-ass-nerves... lol

Monicarol.Evans said...

I do feel all warm and fuzzy.

Again, this from the lady who doesn't like kids. :-)

McDonald's sundaes, double chocolate cookies and Love Actually make me happy :-)