Didn't See That Coming: PERSERVERANCE

Perseverance is that stuff they put in your Wheaties that helps you make it through your school day. Why do you think MJ stayed on the cover? It helped him win playoffs! This stuff is real. Its that invisible kick in the pants that keeps you from giving up, it picks you up when you’ve fallen, it keeps you going when all you want to do is cry and give up like a punk. Perseverance, yum!

I’m going to take this time to get on my soapbox and ride around the rim hole of politics. There is something going around called the “silent majority”, a group of people who don’t need to carry guns to town hall meetings, people who don’t need to steal and misuse movement names to get a pass to cry in front of government buildings. The silent majority, although they did borrow (well I cant say they borrowed that term, I don’t know if they even call themselves that) it from the Repubs, are a group of people who are strategically rallying for public option healthcare. You don’t hear about them, they are silent, you may not know when you are around one of them, however they are in a majority, so they could be anywhere. These are the people who are actually doing something about healthcare reform. They are hitting the streets, talking to the people, making phone calls, using the system to get what they want. They are congress peoples worst nightmares. They are the persistent many that wont let congress sleep until this bill is passed. They are the silent majority. They don’t need to make big noise, and offend and disrespect people to get what they want. They just do what they have to, no fuss. They are awesome.

If you want to be a part of something big, if you want to do something about healthcare, contact your local OFA (Organizing for America) office and volunteer, it wont cost you a cent and you will actually feel like you are helping yourself and everyone else. After all isn’t that what its all about? We sometimes wonder how we can achieve something when it comes to politics, how can we get our point across, they never listen to us. Well I say the only person who can control how helpless you feel is you. You may not be able to control everything, but danngit when you can do something, do it! We cant sit around and wait for people to hand us the answer, we have to find the answer ourselves. We don’t have to sit back and wait for this bill to be passed, we can actually help! If we don’t get this bill passed, if I hear one more person complaining and doing nothing, I’m going ape sh** on EVERYONE, then I’m moving to Canada where I can get some healthcare to treat the major butt whooping I’ll probably receive.

I truly didn’t see this coming. Want to know more of what the OFA has been silently doing while the ignorant folks have been screaming? Check out this link.

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Monicarol.Evans said...

hmm hmmm. All from the lady who doesn't believe in politics.

*shaking my head at you*


amymay said...

Monica, I don't care what she SAYS... that girl is a politician in sheep's clothes!