Fear Technology if you must...

Fear is the knee jerk reaction to rapid change. But change is not a monster, I repeat, change is not a monster. Rapid change, although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, does not spell out the imminent END to all things. I promise. And if you can’t believe a virtual blog entity for which no one really knows if I truly exist, then who the heck else can you believe?

I’ve been reading articles lately written by the 50+ crowd commentating on technology and its rapid development and its impact on their lives. Wah wah wah. One lady wrote that she hopes twitter doesn’t replace a novel in her grandchild’s lifetime. Gimme a break. That’s like the automobile taking the place of walking. People will always walk, if they know what’s good for them. When people stopped walking, they all got obese, then came the “get fit” revolution, and now the people are demanding sidewalks be put in place everywhere, because we must walk. But that is another argument for another blog. My point is that although technology and social media is hitting us faster and harder than a cold wind chill on a January morning, I assure you social media will NOT take the place of good old fashion social activities.

And let me say this too, social media is a form of technology, it is not the embodiment of technology. People shun social media, they shun technology, but please believe that technology is what brings you your nightly news in HD. Technology is what makes it possible for you not to use your legs to walk a block to the corner store. Technology is what makes it possible for you to read my current rant. I dislike technology for reasons only an educator with a technology degree can understand. So basically I’m defending my right to hate technology for my own personal reasons, and I don’t want to be clumped in there with the other chicken littles.

I want to assure the world that social media will not be the downfall of technology or change. It will be like disco…

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