Blues Two-Step

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Right about now I need as many inspirational quotes as folks can throw to me.  Right now folks, is a dark period for your good ol' silly buddy Alise.  Usually I can joke myself or talk myself through tough times.  However, this time around I am just tired.  Exhausted is probably a better word.  Or maybe exasperated.  No, I think weary is the best   You must excuse me, I am a geek  poet and word selection is important.   There is so much on my plate right now that the only way this would be a good thing is if it was dinner time.  That was corny.  Even my jokes are suffering.  I just feel like I keep hitting a wall, and trust me after you plow into a wall a couple-few times it starts to hurt.  Pain sucks and I know it is part of life, but what percentage is pain really trying to extort from me.  Pain is like Puffy a crooked record label manager and I feel like I won't have a second album of triumph, but only an advance to pay back.  Word to Carl Thomas. 

Just keep in mind in this post I am just having a pity party, and you just happened to get invited.  Just a moment of weakness and sadness, yeah I know my party favors suck.  It's all I could afford.  *Kanye Shrug*  I'll be better tomorrow I am sure, but for now let's two step to my blues.

Love ya...

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amymay117 said...

It's gonna get better, I know it will, hun. Keep yourself distracted as much as you can so that you don't get stuck in the pain. Meanwhile, I'm gonna keep up my detective work... doing lots of research.

sugahoney said...

This is late, so I'm am hoping that you are feeling better by now.

i love those little sad cartoonish characters. Do you know what they are called? Whenever i'm feeling down, i look for them a wierdo